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Terrarium Heater

Thermal Science has developed a state of the art terrarium heating system using our patented heating technology to provide an ideal distribution of warmth to the flooring of your reptiles living environment. This warming ability helps to simulate the desert floor so that your reptile can maintain their required minimum body temperature.

Our terrarium heater aids in evaporation by providing warmth to the flooring which in turn makes the terrarium easier to clean but also helps in increasing humidity.

The Thermal Science terrarium heater is simple to install and is available in the following sizes:

21 X 20.5 cm (8.27 X 8.07 IN, 10 watts)
25 X 18 cm (9.84 X 7.09 IN, 15 watts)
34 X 29 cm (13.39 X 11.42 IN, 25 watts)
40 x 40 cm (15.75 X 15.75 IN, 40 watts)
50 X 40 cm (19.69 X 15.75 IN, 50 watts)
60 X 40 cm (23.62 X 15.75 IN, 60 watts)
60 X 60 cm (23.62 X 23.62 IN, 80 watts)

* all sizes are available in 12V, 110V, or 220V

Terrarium Heater Brochure

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